i do...

Close up of a dalmation with yellow tennis ball in his mouth

I build stuff

I am a developer so mostly I build websites. I take a design and breathe life into it, turn it from a static image into a fully functioning website.

Mostly I am a 'full stack web developer' which means I build both the client facing part of the website (the frontend that users interact with) and the cms and application logic (the backend).

My preferred CMS (content management system) is Silverstripe, but I also do Wordpress and may be able to help you with other PHP based systems.

I mostly build websites for agencies and graphic designers in Perth.

sometimes i design stuff

As much as I am a tech person, I also love to create. So sometimes I do the graphic design of a website too. It largely depends on the project and my current workload.

Usually though, I would employ the services of a graphic designer to create the overall look and feel of a site. 

what I love to do...

Strawberry icecream in a cone on its side

I love to animate things. The modern web is capable of so much, so lets use it and have some fun. Animation and interaction is what truly sets the web apart from print, a website need not be a plain online brochure, it can be so much more.

I love to build maps. Google Maps API is a whole world of fun for me. Whether you need KML layers, clustering or just a simple store locator this can all be achieved with the Google Maps API.

I love to work on projects that can make a difference for people, the environment and especially for animals. I also love to work on projects that allow me to do something a little bit different or learn something new,.

I love a challenge! I believe if you can imagine it, it is possible (whether or not is financially viable might be a different matter however).